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Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

To get you going first you need a website name, to do that you can contact us with your ideas and we can help you register one for you. Read more about domain names here.

Our recommendation

  • Think of a few 3-4 types of website names.
  • Try to avoid numbers and hyphens.
  • Try to keep your domain name within 12 characters.
  • Contact us and we are happy to help.

Website build

Once you decided and picked domain name time to build your website. You can do it all yourself or choose our website design service to help you get started. We will build your website to agreed design and specifications. Once the website is built and ready time to go live and host it.

Website hosting

Once you have your website built by yourself or by us you need to host it. We offer great solutions to all website sizes and shapes to run it efficiently and offer easy access to modify anything you need to achieve your target goal. Our hosting comes with security measures, backups that run hourly on site. We also update your website once a month as part of our hosting to keep you up to date with technology and security.

Why choose us?

  1. Helpful and friendly.
  2. Simple and easy.
  3. Advice based on statistics and data not fiction.
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