About Us

Meet Petras Newman-Predko: A senior developer with a Passion for Creating Beautiful, User-Friendly Websites

Petras Newman-Predko

Hello and welcome to my about me page!

My name is Petras Newman-Predko, and I am the founder and senior developer of a web development company that offers affordable plans to local businesses. With over 15 years of business management and growth experience, over 10 years of SEO expertise, and over 15 years of experience in digital marketing best practices, I decided to start my own company to help local businesses grow their online presence.

As the head of our team of web developers, marketers, and SEO specialists, I am committed to providing high-quality services to all our clients. We believe that a great website is a powerful tool for any business, and we work hard to create custom, effective websites that truly represent our clients’ brands.

One of the things that sets us apart from other web development companies is our expertise in creating custom React web applications. These apps are built from scratch to perfectly suit the needs of any business. We believe that if you can dream it, we can build it!

As a senior developer, I am deeply committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices in web development, SEO, and digital marketing. I believe that this commitment to ongoing education is essential to providing our clients with the best possible service.

So, whether you’re a small business just starting out, or an established company looking to improve your online presence, we’re here to help. Our affordable plans and customized solutions make it easy to get the results you need to succeed in today’s digital landscape.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my company. We look forward to working with you!