Digital Marketing

Maximizing Your Online Presence: The Power of Digital Marketing

Pay per click or PPC

Pay per click or PPC is a type of digital internet marketing that takes place online, advertisers paying for each click clicked on their advertisement ad placement. So you only pay for your advertisement if your advert is clicked on. This type of a method is called buying visitors to your website, also known as driving traffic to your site. There are core choices of PPC campaigns like Lead generation campaigns, pure traffic clicks aiming to drive a lot of traffic regardless of audience. Targeted audience clicks are more accurate and usually return best ROI (ROI – return on your investment).

We offer PPC campaigns to products, services, branding. Fully managed campaigns always perform at its best. We analyse the data and put strategy in place for next steps. Usually campaigns best to run 3-6 months in this digital marketing. The longer you run your campaign the better you know your audience and your target keywords. We then combine these with SEO package if you choose to take one with us.

Social Mediam Marketing or SMM

Like PPC Social media marketing has a different approach to direct search traffic. You would usually target people with similar interests to your business. Products, services or otherwise. We offer Social Media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and other Social media platforms on request. Great campaign could start with a single post, a boost, or direct advert. We have the right tools to performance manage your campaign to gain the best possible outcome for you for the money you will spend. Fully tracked campaigns providing analytics and analysis for further investment or investigation in your target audiences for digital marketing.

Content Marketing or CM

Content marketing is all about the audience finding your service, product, brand. Providing the right content to the right person is the key. Staying relevant in search results is a vital key to success. We offer great tools at hand to write content and keep ahead of your competition. It’s crucial to understand that the content is the key of the entire website. With right content written for you or by you can increase organic traffic to your website.

Either to the service page or product page, further extending your brand to the next level. Advertising your content is one of the easiest ways to gain traction from your audience. Video posting, blog writing, sharing news articles, podcasts. Promoting your brand and content is a great way to see engagement and plan on what to do next.

Email Marketing or EM

Email marketing is a great way to keep your audience engaged in digital marketing. If you sell products or services you do send invoices usually via email. This is a great way to capture your customer emails and use these as a regular check in. Either via newsletters to tell your audience on new things you are doing, services you offer, new products you have available.

Great way to combine upcoming events, discount codes, or pre orders for new items that are about to be re-leased. Keeping in touch with your audience will play a significant part in your business growth. It is recommended to keep your current and new customers up to date with business development with this said will keep your customers returning and using / recommending your business to friends and family. We use a variety of templates, html pre-built and text messages that can be scheduled in future and we can create multi events if required. All our email newsletters are sent only to customers with GDPR compliance accepted customers.

We do provide an unsubscribe button to if they no longer wish to receive information from you. We keep spam scores as low as possible. Fully tracked so you know how many of your customers received e-mail digital marketing, how many open emails, how many clicks received. Provided for you after each campaign for analysis and planning further.

Marketing Analytics MA

If you choose PPC or Email marketing, you should expect the company you purchase their service to talk you through the data they gathered. Explaining what was spent on, what was gained. Even the negative data can be used in a positive approach. Getting results doesn’t always mean it turns your campaign to profit. It might be a brand awareness campaign that its all about spreading the word about your brand and mission you are trying to achieve.

Selling products and services is one of exiting marketing aspects. Your clicks and analysis should undergo evaluation and next steps should be planned and prepared. Talking through the results is important as agreeing goals and managing expectations. If you say you want to spend X amount and your return should be Y, without running multi campaigns you can’t expect instant results unless you run campaigns in the past and you know exactly what works.

For one company 1 method brings different results rather to the other company that does exactly the same. So it’s important to know that setting expectations and managing them is important when reading and analysing data. To why this is happening. Why do I get so much traffic but no results in sales of a product or services. Is the pricing is the right one for your targeted audience. What is the right price in digital marketing? There are many key operators that will determine the success of your digital marketing campaign. With that said we will help you to navigate this vast ocean of digital information and advise you to make the best decision with information that you have.