Search Engine Optimisation SEO

We offer on page and off page SEO – search engine optimisation. Helping you to rank more keywords and appear on more search result queries on search engines. We have teams in place to create a campaign that is suitable to your business. 

Your campaign will be planned and explained steps we will take to deliver you the best outcome possible. We measure our success on the data that we will share with you. Your success is our success, when your business grows we grow with you. So it’s in our interest to make your campaign as successful as possible.

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Our key features:

  • Benchmark how your website performs now.
  • Current keyword ranks for the entire website.
  • We will identify your competition and how you perform against it.
  • Keyword research and search volumes.
  • Monthly performance reports.
  • Monthly keyword position tracking displayed on ranks gained
  • Monthly Domain authority monitoring.
  • Monthly Backlink count report.



No contracts Pay as you go.

While we do not offer contracted services you pay month to month for as long as you wish. We structure your campaign and it’s paid in full month in advance. You will be given data on what to expect while you are paying within the month. What results to expect, analysis and data will be provided for you to see on where and what was published while we carry out work for you. We are a transparent and data driven SEO service.

Right Keywords matter

Choose right keywords for your business can be a lenghty proccess. Best person that knows your business is you. With good content and right keywords you can generate organic traffic.

How to choose rightg keyword for your business ?

The answear to this is simple. Keep it simple, relative and try to answear questions customers might need or want to see. If its s ervice or product give explanation about it. A knowladge center is a good contet building way to get more organic traffic coming to your website. It might not lead to instant sale or become a lead. This is just one way of generating interest.

Landing pages is a good way to measure your success, writing content withouth internal link to it can show you how well your page is optimised for service you try to achieve this can be a targeting a city, or a individual country to boost interset in lead generating or product sale.

There are many tools to see what keyword search will result in terms of visitors. Use tools that provide keyword search volume, also other tools provide difuclty levels on ranking them up the ranks. They keyowrd difuclty to rank is depending on many factors. Domain authority Rank, Page rank, content quality, on page and off page SEO.

On page and Off page SEO

What does On page SEO meaning your existing or newbie website? Well in short it’s all about expected standard. Meaning that you have a good ratio of keywords. Alt’s on images, content with interlinking. Paragraphs are not too cramped and easy to read. Have pillar pages and table of contents. Making your content easy to navigate, read and relevant to the page.

What dose Off page SEO mean ? Short answer is backlinks, posts, all the content that is vouching that your website is legitimate. Backing you with links, social media posts. Images, blogs, videos. Its all about what happens online outside of your website. Directory profiling, creating web 2 0.