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Buying Domain Name

Buying Domain Name

There are many companies around that will offer you just that, a domain registration service. If you are not sure what is the difference between the services you receive, usually it’s just the price you pay on your yearly subscription and your domain management service that you need to update every so often.

Before you buy new domain consider the following:

  • Company you are buying from, can they help you if you are stuck.
  • Is there any deals if you purchase domain registration for more then one year.
  • Can you transfer domain name away if you choose to.

Most Domain registrar just do that, they will usually offer you first year free, and more discount if you buy more years of subscription. Try to avoid paying anything above the average market value, depending on your TLD.

What is TLD?  

TLD is Top Level Domain, that’s your .com or .co.uk etc… 

Domain management

You can buy a domain from anyone and transfer domains from one registrar to another. Our advice for managed domains is to keep them with the company that you have your hosting with, unless you know what you are doing and wish to have full control of it. It’s best for companies to do that for you. The domain is in your name and you own it so there is no harm for others to do the work for you. In fact is less complicated and much better for the business if something goes wrong the company will be responsible for dealing with the problem so it’s good thing to have a managed domain name. Companies ensure your domain does not expire and will take care of any configuration you might require.

Domain expiration.

Another good reason why to use managed domain service. It will ensure your domain don’t expire. Unless you requested your domain to be terminated and expired, but if you are considering that then maybe there is another way you can monetise your domain name that you no longer need.

What to do if your domain expires and you no longer need it.

  1. Check when the domain is expiring so you have enough time to plan and act.
  2. Check what is the current domain authority of your domain name.
  3. Sell it, that’s right you can sell your domain name and make some money back.

We have a useful guide on domain names that you can read more here.


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