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Creating an Engaging Online Experience: The Art of Effective Web Design

Web Design Cheltenham

Web design cheltenham service tailor made to your business. All our websites are made around your business. You might provide services, or sell products, or just want to create an online presence in the style of a business card online. We got you covered, from web design photography videos and content creation. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Web Design

We keep everything simple

Our web design is kept simple to its core. We use simple 7 steps to deliver a great website that works.

Our website is built with all w3 standards out of the box. If you choose you will receive professional photography done for you. You can also choose videography done to more benefits explained below please continue reading.

If you choose to use our copy writing this will come with keyword targeted content that will help your on page organic SEO. All our website parts are fully flexible and tailor made to you. All our websites are tailor made to your business. So you can expect all flexible parts to be a reflection of your business.

We use some of the most popular frameworks as the ground base and everything else is built to suit you. We can make websites from scratch to tailor made functionality, this includes e-commerce too. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


Keep it simple

Website first look

We will start with the looks and end with functionality. To start we will go through your competition, identify the feel and niche you are trying to achieve. The end result will reflect something either you choose or we can go freestyle and do our own impressions. It’s really down to you dear customer. We can incorporate as little or as much as you desire the final look will be the one that you choose. To make it very easy and simple for everyone there is no limit to how much you wish to customise and tweak to get the desired result.

All our web design are fully responsive and built with mobile first as latest figures suggest 70% of internet traffic for most businesses comes from mobile. So its paramount to deliver just that. Simple easy to use interface, clean with call to actions that just do that. We work with all sizes and shapes from complete startup low cost solutions to corporate builds that have big budgets and grand ideas to complete. There is no project the same and we love working with individuals and teams.  Contact us today give us a call or send us a message let us help you. 

Photography / Videography

We work with professionals in their field, and use many contractors that will deliver the best images to represent what you do. We will introduce you with our hand picked photographers in your area that will work with you in achieving the stunning images of your business. With that said you can choose this as an optional service you can take pictures yourself but from our experience professional imagery is never the same quality not because of equipment but because of time spent editing and time spent to achieve what you envisioned. Contact us today so we can arrange this for you.

Copywriting, content creation.

We provide in house professional copywriting. You might read that content is the King. In some cases the statement is not wrong in the end it’s all about your business and you. If you can write your own content then we will use it as per your request. Writing copy takes time, research and dedication. We write our content that matters for SEO keyword targeted content, with correct titles and paragraphs. Correct headings and breaking points.

If you are capable of writing your own copy that’s great too, this service is optional and it’s down to your business if you have resources and time to do just that. If you choose to use us we have in house copy writers that will provide quality content to suit your business. 

The web design agency build

Responsive web design:

Our web design Cheltenham team will explain all the process of the final build of your website. Once we have all the moving parts of the website, imagery, content copy, your website goes into the web build stage. From there once we complete several pages or agreed amount, we will provide you with a development website link that you can see and approve to be completed. All our pages are checked for full responsive web design across all devices iPhone, Table and PC screen.

Feedback tools:

We use the best tools in house for feedback to use at ease. We recommend using Bugheard this tool is simple easy to use and new customer centric. With a single click you can leave a simple explanation on changes you wish to do. If you require image changes you can simply click on the image you wish to change and then upload your own so we know exactly what you mean when we look at our end of your feedback left.

The software will capture a screenshot from your end so we always work with exact screen size and resolution as you are on your side of the screen. We will spend some time with you explaining how to use the system itself so don’t worry you don’t have to figure this out by yourself. But if you do wish to do it on your own time there are lots of supporting videos and how to use Bugheard feedback software with many devices including Mac Ipad and of course PC.

Few more points:

At this point you will have a good idea on how your website will look. This is not the final stage and while in development we ask you to be patient with your feedback unless the structure does not suit you we will make the amends to that as we go along. That is why we work closely with you to achieve the final goal that you wish to see.

Once the website is completed you will be able to provide live feedback that we will reflect in changes to your website build. At the end all moving parts will be finalised for you and agreed with yourself that the build is good to proceed to final stages. Once we finish the website it’s time to go live. Contact us today to start our journey with you.


Going Live

Once your website is completed it’s time to go live. At this point we would already have agreed if it’s hosted with us or your own personal hosting. We can deploy our software to most hosting companies that would be pre-arranged. We then modify all name servers or dns records to reflect your website settings required to be visible on world wide web. Your website will undergo final optimisation stages once the website is put live to ensure its secure SSL is provided with all our hosting out of the box. We will perform checks and tests to ensure emails sent from your website are received by you.

If you choose a e-commerce site we will performa test transactions, ensuring all works as expected. Once your website is live the journey begins and at this point it’s great to use our digital marketing packages that suit your business development and growth. Trust our experts to develop plan for the growth and next steps of actions that will lead in your business success.