Choosing the right domain name is the initial step to success, which most people fail to do properly. You might think, what’s in the domain name? It’s the identification of you, your services, your website, and how you appear in the marketplace. So, choosing the right domain name is a must in order to reach your business high. People face the dilemma of picking the domain name among the brand name, the keyword associated with the products, or the service name. And, even if you choose the right name, you need to be lucky enough to get that domain, as each year, thousands of new business starts with their own websites occupying the domains. There are chances that your preferred domain is already owned by someone else! So, selecting the right domain name is not a baby task.

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While starting a new website, one of the most crucial steps is selecting a proper domain name that is the most suitable one for SEO. A domain name definitely affects your online presence in both good and bad ways. As the number of websites is increasing with the number of increased businesses, ranking a good domain in the global field is also increasing. And people depend more on SEO for their business prosperity; the result of SEO depends on the domain name as it’s considered as a major factor. A proper domain name is important, but it must be SEO-friendly.

Does domain name affect SEO?

Does domain name affect SEO?

Undoubtedly domain name impact SEO. The target of SEO is to drive more traffic to you that help you grow your business. And choosing the right domain is the initial step for this. Whether you are targeting your brand name, product, or service keywords, the main target is always getting a lot of clicks, driving more traffic, increasing brand awareness, and making users remember your brand. And all this demanded a perfect domain name!

You might be tempted to think that domain names are less important than other elements for SEO. This is a completely wrong assumption that can lead to your SEO failure. A domain name’s length, keywords, and extension are integral elements of an SEO strategy. A suitable, focused, and trustworthy domain will always bring you great SEO result that brings you your desired success.

How to choose a SEO friendly domain name

Choosing an SEO-friendly domain is not an easy task. You must have proper knowledge and understanding about it. There are chances that you might have already researched about it and get confused about what to do or how to choose. Don’t worry! We are here for your help. Here we will discuss the ways of how to choose a SEO friendly domain name that will impact your business in a positive way and bring you the desired success. So, dive into the article to learn and utilize the steps in your business.

  • Use top-level domain extensions

The extension is the one that stands at the end part of the domain name. It stands after the “.” sign. Before buying a domain, you must know about the most suitable and popular extension for your business. There are more than thousands of extensions that are available in the domain name system. So, clearly, it’s a confusing task to choose the most suitable extensions.

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The most popular domain extensions are “.com”, “.net”,  “.info”,  “.edu”, “.org”, “.ru” and many more. According to W3Techs, “.com” is the most popular domain extension. Each extension serves a different purpose. For example, “.com” is used for any profitable websites or commercial business sites,  “.net” is used for network-related websites, “.org” is used for the websites of non-profitable organizations, and “.edu” is used for education-related websites. So, you must understand which extension is the most suitable according to your business. 

  • Pick brandable domain names

Websites with brandable domain names constantly rank higher than other websites, whether new or old. It’s because Google uses ‘brand signals’ to demonstrate articles from high-quality websites. So, picking a brandable domain name is another crucial step in choosing an SEO friendly domain name. But do you know what makes a domain name brandable? Some major factors of a brandable domain name are:

  1. The name must be unique and doesn’t need to have a proper meaning.
  2. Easy to pronounce
  3. Simple yet attractive and easy to remember
  4. Stands out from the competition

So choose a brandable domain name for your website to enjoy the best SEO outcome.

  • Keep your domain name simple and short

Focus on the short and simple domain name. Try to keep the name of your domain as short as possible because it makes the user remember it, which creates a great first impression. Also, they are easy to pronounce, which is also a positive side.

If you notice, the most popular companies, like Google, Twitter, Amazon,  Facebook, and many more, have shorter domain names. We recommend you to keep your domain name length between 6-14 characters. 

  • Avoid hyphens and numbers

Try to avoid hyphens and numbers in your domain name. This makes the name tougher to pronounce and harder to remember the spelling. Hyphens can create a negative impact so are numbers. For example, Google is one of the most popular sites, but think, if the name were “Goo-gle” or “Number1_Google,” how much would you adore or remember it? So, try to avoid hyphens and numbers.

  • Ensure the name is easy to type and memorable

You can get various domain names according to your choice but finding the one that is easy to type and effortless to remember is a tough one. But if you are looking for an SEO-friendly domain, you must choose the one with these qualities. For example, if you visit a website with “”, then will you remember this name? Or visit the website again? The answer is no. So, you must keep a domain name that is easy to type and memorable. This will lead to more traffic and generate more revenue. 

  • Never use repeated letters

Try to keep the domain name simple and avoid using any name with repeated letters. If you have a domain that contains repeated letters, then most of the time it happens that visitors mistype your domain name and go to another site with the same kind of name. For example, if we compare two websites, “” and “”, then any visitor will surely remember or spell “”. So, it’ll get more traffic. So, try to get a domain name without any repeated letters.

  • Generate new domain ideas with domain name generators

As having a website is very common for any business. So, most of the good domain names are already reserved. It’s tough to find the most suitable one which is still available. So, you can take the help of domain name generators. It works as a savior in this situation. Basically, a domain name generator automatically suggests the name of the domain by adding relevant and most common suffixes. So, you get new ideas which is a great help.

  • Add a keyword to the domain name

Keywords and SEO are deeply connected. So, if you are looking for an SEO friendly domain name, then try to put a key to the domain name. Usually, people add keywords in the title, content, meta, and URL. So, when you put the keyword to the domain name, it brings pure SEO benefits and helps to boost your search traffic and lead more visitors to you. It directly affects the SEO result in a positive way. So, try to add a keyword to the domain name.

Choosing a proper domain name is never easy, especially if you are focusing on SEO. There is no doubt about it. You need to properly follow a lot of steps. We hope our article helps you enough to understand all the steps properly and gives you the solution of “how to choose an SEO-friendly domain name”. We expect you can now pick an SEO-friendly domain name for your new website and grow your business to your wished success.