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Should I build website or hire developer?

Should I build website or hire web developer ?

There is no reason why you can’t build a website yourself. In this modern era of 2022 there are so many tools that you can use. If you are technology savvy and can read manuals and listen and watch YouTube videos you can develop a decent website in the end.

Things to consider when you DIY your project.

  • Time you spend learning all the tools that are available.
  • Research on how to use the tools the right way so you get optimum results.
  • I cannot say enough but the time you spend learning how to build a website is around 200 – 600 hours at least.

Pros and Cons

When building your own website there are lots of things to consider. You will experience that sometimes what you want to achieve is not always possible the way you want to. In the end what result are you trying to achieve ? What do you expect your website to do? Do you plan to gain new customers, maybe a lead generation, get new enquiries ? Are you planning to sell products online ? All these things matter and will determine how much time you will have to invest in achieving your goals.


When building your own website you will spend very little of your personal investment. This is great for a startup with a limited amount of money they have to invest in their idea to see where it will take them.


Most customers we work with come from sites like wix, square space, shopify, and far few others to mention. These sites provide great startup but bad expansion. Usually these sites are hard to optimize and non flexible. Hard and difficult to scale your business with your growth. Always consider what platform you are going to use. In the end you will be spending as much or as little on what industry professionals use.

Time you spend learning how to make website can be spent on your business growth. Calculate your time spending on website learning building and deploying. Say you on minimum living wage at this time of this guide 2022 in Uk is £9.50. To learn and deploy a good looking website you need to prepare to spend 200-600 hours depending on what you are trying to do. So the cost of your time : £1900 – £5700. 


If you have time and have no money to invest then your best option is to start building your self, our recommendation is to use wordpress so incase you decide to and can afford to hire a professional web developer or creative agency it will be much easier to transfer it all. Depending on the website needs A professional website can be built from £1000+ So always get a quote from a professional developer or creative agency.

Get in touch with us today with your plan and your business ideas. We are happy to advise you.

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