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Do I need Google Analytics ?

Do I need Google Analytics ?

Do you think you need to have some analytics tracking your website ?

Well without analytics you can’t really tell how many visitors you have per month / or per day. So the short answer to this is YES, we do recommend getting your website tracked. Then you can choose what kind of analytics you wish to have. There are more than just google analytics to track your website.

Why to choose google analytics ?

Well 1st of all its a free analytics that comes out of the box pre packed with tons of useful parameters and indications about your visitor. It is also most popular and used by most websites that are tracked this gives a good continuity for whoever manages and data analyses your website. It’s also free to use with your google account.

Is it easy to use google analytics ?

Because there are so many things showing it can be daunting at first. But rest assured it is all useful and once you start using it it will be the go to platform for you to see your visitors. Clicks , conversions, time of day you have most visits, demographics and geo locations. With lots of features and graphs easy to navigate and filter.

Does google analytics help your website SEO ?

It’s a great tool for SEO, to measure visitor activity on your landing pages. Track those keywords that mean business to you. Setting up tracking is just a small part of the whole picture. Checking on the results and conversion rates is as important as investing in your SEO. At Web level up we use the data to analyse our visitors and determine what works for us. Analytics do help our business to visually see the visits to our landing pages and determine our next steps. That can be a paid social media campaign, or google adwords campaign. Including Bing advertising or local QR scan codes that all can be tracked and analysed.

Can you see where the visitors come from like the United Kingdom, United States etc.. ?

In short, yes, you can see demographic visitors from around the world. It is great to know where your website visitors come from and what you can focus on next increasing traffic, maybe from Germany, France, Italy or Spain, all depends on your product and services you provide. Some clients just focus on national level or even City level because there service is only relative to that location. So it’s great to see where your visits are coming from so you know how many potential customers there are looking for your service / product that you provide.

Can I track my e-commerce website ?

Yes you can, you can combine Google Tag manager and analytics to combine tracking your conversions, set your goals. So that you can then spend on google advertisement and track all your clicks, and see what is converting and what needs improving. While the data analysis is great too you need to use it to get the best results. I would recommend for busy business owners at least on a monthly basis to spend 30min to reflect on the past month and plan what is in store for the next one.

If you need help, talk to our experts today!

If you need data analytics installed or managed contact us today. We have great packages that are tailor made to suit your business. We can talk about your Digital marketing needs, current campaigns that you have running or any future campaigns you wish to have. Call us today to speak to one of our experts.

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