How much does social media marketing cost for small business?

Social media marketing has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes, but especially for small businesses looking to expand their reach and connect with more customers. The cost of social media marketing can vary widely depending on various factors, including the scope of your campaigns, the platforms you choose, and whether you handle it in-house or hire an agency. In this article, we’ll explore the various costs associated with social media marketing for small businesses, offering a detailed breakdown to help you budget effectively.

Social Media Management Costs Overall

Content Creation for Social Media

Content is king in the digital world, and creating engaging, high-quality content is essential for capturing the attention of your audience. For small businesses, the cost of content creation can vary depending on the type of content needed. Typically, these costs can range from $200 to $2,000 per month depending on the complexity and volume of the content created. This might include graphic design, video production, writing blog posts, and creating interactive media.

Creating a detailed content calendar can help manage costs and ensure a consistent flow of content. Here’s an example of what a monthly content budget might look like for a small business:

Type of ContentFrequencyEstimated Cost
Graphic Design8 designs$400
Short Video Production4 videos$800
Blog Posts4 posts$400
Interactive Media2 items$400

Social Media Advertising Cost

Advertising on social media platforms is another cost to consider. The price here can fluctuate based on the platform used, the audience you’re targeting, and the competitiveness of your industry. For instance, Facebook and Instagram offer advertising options tailored to various budgets, with costs as low as $5 per day to thousands per month.

A basic breakdown of daily spending might look like this:

PlatformDaily BudgetMonthly Estimate
Facebook$5 – $20$150 – $600
Instagram$5 – $20$150 – $600
LinkedIn$10 – $30$300 – $900
Total$600 – $2,100

Platform Management Cost

Managing social media platforms involves more than just posting content; it includes engaging with your audience, analyzing performance metrics, and optimizing your strategy. Depending on whether this is done in-house or outsourced to freelancers or agencies, costs can range from $300 to over $1,000 per month. This fee covers daily management, customer interaction, and periodic performance reports.

Cost of Launching on a New Social Channel and Creating Content

Expanding to new social media channels can help reach different segments of your audience. Launching on a new platform typically involves initial setup fees, content creation, and potentially promotional campaigns to gain initial traction. You can expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $3,000 for the setup and initial content creation, depending on the depth and breadth of the launch strategy.

Social Media Campaign Cost Breakdown

Running specific campaigns, such as product launches or promotional events, requires a detailed budget allocation. Here’s an example of what a small business might spend on a month-long campaign:

Campaign ComponentCost
Ad Spend$1,000
Influencer Partnerships$500
Content Creation$500
Miscellaneous Costs$200

Platform Management Pricing

The ongoing cost of platform management is crucial for maintaining an active social media presence. Pricing will vary based on the number of platforms managed and the level of engagement required. Agencies may offer packages that include everything from posting content to managing ads, typically ranging from $500 to $2,000 per month.

Understanding the costs associated with social media marketing is essential for any small business looking to make the most of its marketing budget. By breaking down these costs and planning accordingly, small businesses can effectively engage with their audience, promote their brand, and achieve their marketing goals without breaking the bank.

Social Media Management Pricing

Social media management encompasses a variety of tasks, including content creation, posting schedule management, analytics monitoring, and engagement with followers. The pricing for these services can vary greatly based on the extent of services provided, the expertise of the manager, and the size of your business.

For small businesses, social media management packages can range from basic to comprehensive. A basic package might include managing a couple of platforms with a few posts per week and basic engagement activities like responding to comments and messages. More comprehensive packages may cover multiple platforms with daily posts, sophisticated engagement strategies, detailed analytics reports, and proactive outreach efforts.

Here’s a general pricing structure for social media management services:

Service LevelPlatforms IncludedPosts per WeekEngagement LevelMonthly Cost
Basic1-23-5Low$300 – $500
Standard2-35-10Medium$500 – $1,000
Premium3-510-15High$1,000 – $2,000

These figures are indicative and can vary based on specific needs and additional services like ad management or content creation beyond basic posts.

Average Cost for Social Media Management

Understanding the average cost of social media management helps small businesses budget effectively and set realistic expectations for what they can achieve with their resources. On average, small businesses might spend anywhere from $400 to $1,200 per month on social media management. This cost reflects the management of two to three platforms and might include basic content creation, engagement, and monitoring.

Average Cost for Social Media Management

To give a clearer picture, let’s break down the average costs based on the size and needs of the business:

Business SizeMonthly Average CostServices Included
Small$400 – $700Basic content, engagement, 1-2 platforms
Medium$700 – $1,200Enhanced content, more engagement, 2-3 platforms
Large$1,200 – $2,500+Full-service management, multiple platforms, strategic planning

These figures provide a baseline, but the actual cost can vary significantly based on specific campaign requirements or additional services.

Freelance Social Media Management Rates

For many small businesses, hiring a freelance social media manager can be a cost-effective solution. Freelancers typically offer more flexible rates and services that can be customized to fit smaller budgets and specific project needs. Rates for freelance social media managers can vary widely based on their experience, location, and the complexity of the tasks required.

Generally, freelancers may charge by the hour, by the project, or a flat monthly rate for ongoing services. Here’s an overview of typical freelance rates:

Charging MethodCost
Hourly$25 – $100+ per hour
Monthly$300 – $1,500+
Project-based$200 – $2,000+ per project

Hourly rates are great for small or ad-hoc projects, while monthly or project-based rates are better suited for ongoing work that requires consistent attention.

When exploring the realm of social media marketing, small businesses often wonder, “How much does social media marketing cost for small business?” A significant part of this cost includes the tools and software needed to manage and optimize social media efforts efficiently. Understanding these costs, along with the long-term benefits of investing in social media marketing, can help small businesses make informed decisions that align with their growth strategies.

Social Media Manager Software Price

Social media manager software is designed to streamline the process of managing multiple social media accounts, scheduling posts, analyzing engagement data, and collaborating within teams. For small businesses, investing in such software can save time and increase productivity, leading to more focused marketing efforts.

The pricing of social media management software varies based on features, scalability, and the number of accounts it can handle. Most platforms offer a range of plans to suit different business needs, from basic functionalities required by a small shop to advanced features needed by a growing enterprise. Here’s a look at some popular options and their pricing structures:

SoftwareBasic PlanStandard PlanPremium Plan
Sprout Social$89/month$149/month$249/month

These prices typically reflect the management of a limited number of social media profiles with varying levels of reporting, analytics, and user support.

Social Media Manager Other Software Price

In addition to standard social media management tools, there are other software solutions that can enhance a social media strategy. These include tools for customer relationship management (CRM), graphic design, video editing, and content curation. Investing in these tools can further enhance the quality and impact of your social media content.

  • Graphic Design Tools: Software like Canva or Adobe Spark, which offer free basic plans and paid plans starting around $10-$30 per month for additional features.
  • Video Editing Software: Tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, which may cost anywhere from $20 to $300 as a one-time purchase or subscription.
  • CRM Software: Systems like Salesforce or HubSpot, which help integrate customer data with social media campaigns, generally start at $25 per user per month for basic plans.

Invest in Long-Term Social Media Marketing Success

Investing in social media marketing is not just about managing day-to-day posts; it’s about building a long-term strategy that aligns with your business goals. This includes setting aside a budget not only for tools and software but also for ongoing training, content creation, and perhaps even consulting with experts. The initial costs might seem high, but the return on investment can be substantial when executed well.

Creating a sustainable social media strategy involves:

  • Regular Content Updates: Keeping your audience engaged with fresh content.
  • Adaptation and Learning: Staying updated with the latest social media trends and platform changes.
  • Analytics and Optimization: Regularly reviewing performance data to tweak and improve your strategy.

Social Media Benefits for Small Business

Social media offers numerous benefits for small businesses. It’s not just a marketing tool but a significant driver of customer engagement, brand loyalty, and even sales.

  • Increased Exposure: Social media platforms give your business a direct line to customers and potential customers, increasing your visibility and reach.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: They provide a platform for instant feedback and customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Compared to traditional advertising methods, social media marketing is relatively low cost and offers a higher return on investment.
  • Insightful Analytics: Platforms provide powerful analytics tools that help you understand customer behavior and refine your marketing strategies.


Understanding the financial commitment of social media marketing allows small businesses to allocate their resources wisely, ensuring every dollar spent contributes to long-term growth. While the costs can vary depending on the scope and scale of your marketing efforts, investing in a comprehensive social media strategy is undeniably beneficial. It not only enhances your brand’s visibility and engages with a broader audience but also drives sales and builds customer loyalty. Armed with the right information and tools, small businesses can harness the power of social media marketing to achieve substantial success in the digital arena.